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Data Type: Concept

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Concepts are the units of thought, ideas, meanings, or (categories of) objects and events - which underlie many knowledge organization systems. As such, concepts exist in the mind as abstract entities which are independent of the terms used to label them. (Source: SKOS Primer)


Below are the most important attributes used for skos:Concepts.

RDF Property Label Comment
skos:prefLabel preferred label Preferred label of the concept in a specific language.
skos:altLabel alternative label Synonym or alternative spelling of the concept in a specific language.
skos:hiddenLabel hidden label A hidden (e.g. deprecated) label of the concept, not used for display but for lookup and search.
skos:definition definition A short informal definition of the concept.
skos:broader broader concept Hierarchical relation to a broader, more generic concept. Inverse relation of skos:narrower.
skos:narrower narrower concept Hierarchical relation to a narrower, more specific concept. Inverse relation of skos:broader.
skos:related related concept Associative (non-hierarchical) relation to another concept.