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Data Type: Policy and Regulatory Overviews

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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy and Regulatory overview of a country

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RDF Property Label Comment
reegle:capacityConcerns capacity concerns Capacity concerns
reegle:renewableEnergy renewable energy Potential for renewable energy
reegle:extendNetwork extend network Extent of the network
reegle:energyProcedure energy procedure Energy planning procedures
reegle:sources energy sources Main energy sources
reegle:regulatoryRoles regulatory roles Regulatory roles
reegle:energyEfficiency energy efficiency Potential for energy efficiency
reegle:energyRegulationRole energy regulation role Role of government department in energy regulation
reegle:energyDebates energy debates Current energy debates or legislation
reegle:competition competition Structure / Extent of competition
reegle:governmentAgencies government agencies Government agencies in sustainable energy
reegle:ownership ownership Ownership issues
reegle:degreeIndependence degree of independence Degree of independence
reegle:reliance reliance Degree of reliance on imported energy
reegle:governmentRole role of the government Role of government
dc:title title  
reegle:energyStudies energy debates Major energy studies
reegle:energyFramework energy framework Existence of an energy framework and programmes to promote sustainable energy
reegle:regulatoryFramework regulatory framework Regulatory framework for sustainable energy
reegle:regulatoryBarriers regulatory barriers Regulatory barriers
reegle:energyRegulator energy regulator Energy regulator, Date of creation
reegle:energyEfficiencyIndustry energy efficiency industry Energy efficiency industry
reegle:energyEfficiencyUtilities energy efficiency utilities Energy efficiency utilities
reegle:energyEfficiencyTransport energy efficiency transport Energy efficiency transport
reegle:energyEfficiencyResidential energy efficiency residential Energy efficiency residential
reegle:energyEfficiencyPublic energy efficiency public Energy efficiency public
reegle:references references References